Mamoyo Contract Publishing creates the best quality media products

for our clients. Ever wanted to add author to your title or maybe you have an

amazing idea for a magazine that will work in your market? We’ve got you! Through our publishing service

we create special interest magazines, community newspapers, in-flight

magazines, coffee table books and in house company publications.

If you already have a print publication running, we also offer digital on-boarding and E BOOK creation moving your publication online in the most cost effective way, reaching your readers where they are most comfortable.

We also know that print is not dead and buried, so we produce and

print; workbooks, research reports, guides, illustrated coffee table books,

training manuals and research reports from conceptualization, production

to printing.



Many authors or creator have amazing ideas for books, magazines or any other publication but don’t know how to actually go about creating. Having an idea for content and actually packaging and monetizing the content are worlds apart.

This is where contract publishing comes in. You bring us your content/manuscript and we package it into the publication you want. 

We worry about the design, printing, eBook conversations, distributing and marketing. You only have to focus on what you love, creating content!


Full Contract Publishing Service

When you or your company is prepared to sponsor the publication in full.

You will be taking up our full service offering were we will take your project on from manuscript to the delivery of the final product.

Once the publication is on the shelves you retain full control and 100% profits, we only charge for production of the publication. No further costs! 

Shared Risk

If you are not able to sponsor publishing on your own and there is potential in the market to support your publication and Mamoyo Media is prepared to participate in the risk by selling ads/ securing sponsorship.

This is offered for all types of magazines and community newspapers only.

Pay As You Go

We also breakdown our contract publishing services to allow for you to keep production costs low.

With our range of stand alone production and printing services you could pick the stand alone services you require like editing, design or distribution from us and do the rest yourself to make it easier on your pocket.

We give you the author and creator full copyright and ownership of your publication as well as 100% control of your profits (except for the shared cost model). When taking on the full service we will also integrate with our marketing and P.R as well as distribution through our partners to ensure the success of your publication.